My professional career has been a mixture of national and international jobs in various areas, which greatly enriched my knowledge and experience about Information Technology especially in the field of distance education. I have been an Associate Professor in Department of Computer Education & Instructional Technology at Osmangazi University, Eskisehir-Turkey. I carry out research and development activities on the effective use of technology in teaching-learning activities in distance education, intelligent support systems, personalized learning environments, learning management systems, open source systems and DE infrastructure systems.

What I do?


Consultancy services for private schools, universities and many institutions on distance education and technology integration


Research activities on open and distance learning, technology integration and use


- Mobile application development
- Web applications development
- Database applications development


- Technology management
- Infrastructure setup and management
- Digital transformation management

Distance Education

Analysis for the creation of a successful open and distance learning
- Needs analysis
- Infrastructure analysis
- System components analysis
- Installation and configuration
- LMS, Video Conferencing, SIS Integration
- Personnel training
- E-content development